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GRSoftware GREmail Email Preview Software Description

GREmail is a professional email preview utility for Windows x86 and x64 with SSL and TLS support designed to let you quickly and easily maintain many POP3 accounts from a single application. The program includes a rule manager that among other functions allows you to classify your messages to focus on important messages or to quickly delete spam. Every account is automatically scanned after a specified period of time or you can press the Check for Email button (F5 key) and the number of messages with their account names will be shown in a task bar window.

The program is organized with tabbed dialogs so that you can quickly jump to email messages, rules, account or the program options with one click. Once email accounts have been scanned, you can see the messages in the Email tab. The bodies of the messages are not totally retrieved to save download time. Only the headers are downloaded just to display the message summary: message number, size, subject, from, to, cc, reply to, date and the rule that has matched if any. Checked messages are ready for being deleted with a single click. If you have you deleted any message by error: no problems, you have 30 seconds to reverse your mind and undo your deletions account by account. GREmail is a real time saver to kill the SPAM we all receive daily. If you have any doubt about a message you can safely Preview it using an integrated email viewer that will not automatically open attached files or download web contents that can be unsafe. The viewer supports Text and HTML view modes. Attached files can be saved on your local disk. A message can also be forwarded to any user supplied email address and this inbox will receive the message as if it was originally sent to it. Naturally you can Reply to (or Reply to All) a message if you want to quickly send a note. A customizable button will allows you to easily integrate GREmail with your default mailer so that when you have completed your Email Preview your default mailer will receive and store your good messages. GREmail Preview offers you professional features that you cannot find in other similar software.

Working Details

Once received, for each message you have a check box on the left. By default all received messages are checked. The rule checker can change the message status and uncheck those that are found to satisfy your specified rules. To manually uncheck one or more of them you have many choices. The first one is to click on the check box. An alternative quick way is using the space bar once the message has been selected. You also have a right click popup menu to act on shown messages. If you are unsure about a message you can preview its content in a safe way. Double click on the message and you will open the Display Message dialog. This dialog will not automatically run scripts or anything else that can harm you computer. Once you have selected the messages you do not want then you can delete all them with a single click using the Delete All Checked F8 button on the Email tab. The program starts counting a 30 seconds timeout before each POP3 account is automatically closed and your deletes are executed by the POP3 server. Thus you have 30 seconds to revert back with the Undo option. This let you reverse your mind about messages you marked for delete. From the Display Message dialog you can press the Reply button or select Reply to this message from the right click popup menu, open the Send Message dialog, and answer an email message. The messages received and sent will not be saved anywhere, so you must use this integrated feature only to answer to messages where you do not need to have any track. Important messages should be handled by your default email client. To easily open your default email client, GREmail provides the Custom button. You can define here what application to search and then put the focus on it and then send keys to it. For example we can search for "Outlook" and then press F9 to receive all messages.

GRSoftware GREmail Email Preview Features

supports pop3 ssl tls connections Check a list of POP3 accounts (SSL and TLS connections are supported).
windows pop3 email client software windows 11 10 compatile Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / 2003 / XP / 2000 fully compliant with both x86 and x64 versions.
windows pop3 email client software with modern UI user interface Modern user interface colors.
windows pop3 email client software - independently handle each user email account Accounts can be individually enabled or disabled.
windows pop3 email client software - test feature for each email account Each account can be tested to verify if all details are correct.
windows pop3 email client software - allow smpt email sending Small email client. Allows for sending and replying.
windows pop3 email client software - repeat the account check for new email every n minute Check all accounts every specified number of minutes.
windows pop3 email client software - allow the user to define rules to identify unwanted messages Rules to automatically categorize your messages.
windows pop3 email client software - allow individual deletion of each unwante email message Delete button to easily delete SPAM messages.
windows pop3 email client software - define a custom button the user can program Custom button to run your preferred email client.
windows pop3 email client software - highlight messages bigger than a specified number of bytes Highlight messages whose size is greater than a specified value.
windows pop3 email client software - start hidden Start hidden option.
windows pop3 email client software - start at Windows login Start at Windows start option.
windows pop3 email client software - tray icon bar notifier Email notifier for the tray icon bar.
windows pop3 email client software - automatic email scan Email account automatic scan whether hidden or not.
windows pop3 email client software - SMTP support with SSL and TLS SMTP option with SSL/TLS support.
windows pop3 email client software - Editable stop words to identofy spam messages Editable stop words.
windows pop3 email client software - Log support Extensive log support.

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