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I have used GRBackPro for a number of years and am now using it for daily and weekly backup to an external hard drive.  It is a great piece of backup software.  I like the auto power off; I use the options on calls from a Bat file and can start my backup and go to bed.  The next morning I can check the log for errors, another facility I like.
Thanks for this program.
It does it better and more reliably than any other software I have tried.

Dallas Hinton, Ed.D, Network Technician, Nortel Network trainer

I've been a GRBackPro for a number of years, both on my personal systems and on customers' system. It is without question the best and most reliable software backup program I have ever used.  Whether I'm using it on simple personal system or installing it for a major company with Windows Server and many workstations, it is just always reliable and easy to use. Even the most novice user can grasp the concepts and manage their own backup and restore problems with little or no help. Add that every time you upgrade the program it gets even better, and I fail to see why anyone would look at any other program!  Super job!!

David Rich

Yesterday GRBackPro's versatility and power amazed me and I felt that I should tell you about it.

I have 4 internal hard drives on my system.

  • C: for the operating system
  • D: for Applications and Data
  • E: and F: for Video and image editing storage.

For some unknown reason, all but the D: drive where formatted as Basic drives, but D: was formatted as Dynamic. This has been a problem when trying to take security images of the D: drive because it is not "Seen" by the imaging software that I have. Yesterday, I decided to back the drive up (with GRBackPro), wipe the drive and convert it to a basic drive. I backed up D: using GRBackPro which took 3½ hours (113Gb), storing the backup on F:

Reformatted D: as a Basic Drive. It was just as the format of D: was finishing, that I realized that I had just formatted the drive that GRBackPro was installed to, so how was I going to run it to do the restore.!!

Now all kinds of different worries were going through my mind..Although I had backed up this drive, would it include GRBackPro while it was running?.  Also, "When deleting all applications from the D: drive, would it change the registry on the C: drive, thus preventing the re-instated programs from running on D:"

After a bit of worrying and thinking,

  • I re-created the "Program Files" folder on the clean D: drive
  • I have expanded the GRBackPro folder and its contents back into the Program Files folder on D: using WinRar
  • I double clicked the GRBackPro.exe from Windows explorer

GRBackPro popped up on the screen, with all my "Jobs" still intact as if nothing had ever happened. I selected the job that had created the backup of D:, selected restore and it restored the backup perfectly. It took 7 hours to de-compress, but was worth the wait.

The only application that gave a problem was Microsoft Outlook. It wouldn't download my email. I carried out an office repair from the Control Panel and it all worked perfect again. I have checked most of the other important applications and they all appear to be working as they were before. I have told you before that GRBackPro is the best backup software I have found, (I have tried Many) I am now telling you again. It would have taken me about 1 month to re-install all programs to Drive D:. Thanks to GRBackPro, 7 hours while I was doing something else.

Thank you for a very good program. GRBackPro is a real lifesaver!

Mike Goodman

Just a quick note to you while the latest version of GRBackPro is running: I am absolutely delighted with GRBackPro. It does exactly as you promise and gives me complete peace of mind about my data. It is extremely easy to configure and the regular upgrades you send me free of charge not only make it great value for money but also give me confidence that I have bought from a company truly committed to providing a quality product. I am happy for you to quote any or all of the above in marketing material because I am so pleased with the service.

Steve Syder - CEO Syder Management Outsourcing

Just so you know, I always had a problem with my wife and her computer files. She would delete them, lose them etc. etc. But I haven't had a single problem since I set up a USB 2.0 hard drive and run your program every night on an auto-schedule. She actually doesn't even bother me any more as she knows to just go to her D: drive to find whatever has just been nuked and copy it back over. Thanks for the software, it really does work well. My file store is huge, but I only end up writing a few GB in "new" files each night. GRBackPro does that very quickly to both an internal hard drive, and to a USB 2.0 hard drive.

Jason Hicks

Just a short note to say how impressed I am with GRBackPro. I am using it for scheduled backups on a small LAN, disk to disk, and it is perfect for my requirements. It is very flexible in its setup, easy to configure and I especially like the zip format of files, which makes it easy to see what's on my disk on a file-by-file basis. It was surprisingly difficult to find an application of this sort - took me most of a day's searching. I tried Novastor's product, but got unsatisfactory function on a W2000 Server in a number of respects - W2000 didn't seem to like it at all. Most backup applications I came across come bundled with heavyweight maintenance and hardware - much beyond what I need. Anyway thanks for such an excellent application. I'll recommend it to others as and when.

Jonathan Madden

Having spent the past two and a half days downloading and evaluating at least 20 backup software packages, I was beginning to believe my search for a flexible and well designed backup utility was a  phenomenal waste of time. Also surprising was the multitude of backup utilities available that were masquerading as quality backup software. My requirements were quite simple... a program that could save files in standard zip format, the ability to extract a single file from a backup using software such as winrar, spanning on iOmega zip disks, sync capability, file verification, reporting functions and the ability to do all this at an acceptable speed. Then, on the verge of giving up, I stumbled across GRBackPro which offered all the required functions and more within a simple and well designed interface. Most importantly, a product that does what it's supposed to do, with consideration given to the end user. Needless to say, all the previous backup utilities I had downloaded and saved were sent packing to the recycle bin, never to return.  GRBackPro was more expensive than other backup software, but well worth the extra money. To GRSoftware team ... congratulations and thank you for putting time, thought and effort into your product!

Lara Roberts

Having used GRBackPro for several years,  I can state unequivocally that it is the best and most reliable software backup program I have ever used.  I recommend it to anyone with massive backup processes as well as to those who just want to back up a single drive.  I routinely do incremental backups of my 100 gigabyte drives onto larger backup drives located remotely,  over the internet.  The product is flawless,  and the authors are to be commended for a consumer-oriented upgrade policy.  The interfaces just keep getting easier and easier to use.  Thank you very much. 

Arthur V. Chadwick Ph. D.

As a professional software programmer myself and having five copyrighted industrial programs (DOS Based Developers Language) on the market, I always wrote my programs for maximum user friendliness.  In using other developers software, I am very critical of the final product that they expect us, the end user to use.  The end product must be fully operational and compatible with the operating system as advertised.  A fast, knowledgeable software support team is a must to reply to any end user questions.  GRBackPro meets all of these qualities. GRBackPro and Windows mate without flaw.  Average response time from tech support was four to twelve hours, cutting the others by days.  Also noteworthy, GRBackPro is the only product tested that truly backed up all selected folders (directories) to CD R/W Discs and did not cause any Windows interrupt conflicts.  Other products tested include WinRescue, Monday Backup, and Snap Back.  None of these products remotely compare to GRBackPro.  Five Stars to GRSoftware and the crew.  This from a satisfied purchaser, programmer, and end user ...  

Sam W. Jacobs - CET Pennsylvania

I chose GRBackPro after a detailed evaluation of 13 backup programs. I was looking for a backup program that used the ZIP compression method. I wanted a program that made it easy to add or exclude specific folders and files, had a ZIP file verify feature, and would warn me if a particular folder within the backup job had been moved, renamed or deleted. I downloaded and installed each program and ran it through my thorough evaluation criteria. I concluded that GRBackPro was clearly the best backup program for my needs. Folders and files are added using an Explorer-style interface. On each individual job in a backup list you can select the destination folder, files to include or exclude, whether to include subfolders and whether or not you want that particular job compressed or just copied. GRBackPro warns me during the backup process if a folder in a backup job is no longer present due to been moved, renamed or deleted. I considered this feature to be very important because in the process of reorganizing my directory structure, I might unknowingly stop a folder from being backed up. With almost all of the other programs I evaluated, I would not know that this had happened. A bonus feature of GRBackPro was its ability to print out backup job lists. Even though GRBackPro cost more than some of the other programs I evaluated, it was more than worth the price. Furthermore, both during the evaluation process and after I purchased a program I have received very responsive service from GRSoftware. I appreciate that!

Aldo Vivona - Senior VP Administration & Technology

GRBackPro is absolutely the best backup program I have ever used period. When used with WINZIP it allows the peek and restore down to the single file level. it is absolutely the best CD ROM backup I have ever found. Great product keep up the good work!
I expect Microsoft to buy you up as soon as they find out just bring out another great product.

Dan Halbrook

One of the nicest things about GRBackPro   is that the output is in a universal format (normal files or .zip files). The reason that this is so good, is that more than once I've had problems with the CD, Windows, your program, something else hanging the machine, etc. When I get the machine running again, the files that you've made are there and readable. In most other backup programs, if you crash or don't complete a backup, the backup set is unusable (and in some cases they could have already changed the archive attribute so you can't just go back and rerun the backup!!).

Jeff Nelson

Last year I tried Retrospect and Backup Plus and I even have Norton Ghost (it in included with SystemWorks 2001 Pro) but chose your software GRBackPro because it was clearly the best for my needs. Count me as one of your happy customers.

John Boyd

I would let you know that we really like your program GRBackPro. I appreciate being  able to try it before we buy it. I have downloaded and tried 18 backup  programs and we have chosen yours to purchase and use. We needed a   backup program that is flexible and yet simple and that would copy files onto a backup hard drive with directory structure and files as they are on the source drive. We did not want compression so we could quickly retrieve a damaged or deleted file from the backup.
Your GRBackPro program does all of this for us. Thank you for a great program.

Don W. Booher

I've been a registered user of your products for quite a while. I enjoy using them very much, and have come to depend on them for their quality. I regularly use a registered copy of GRBackPro. I appreciate your quality software and I recommend it regularly to my A+ and Network+ classes.

Robert E. Anderson - REA Associates

Just some feedback on GRBackPro : the package is the best backup package I have ever worked with.
Nice job!

Alan Troup

We were looking for a solution for automated backup for a Win 98 machine and couldn't find one that worked very well. Then we found GRBackPro on CNET's Very, very nice software.

I appreciate your time and your effort in writing such a wonderful program!

Joe Fox - Technology Support Specialist

I would like to thank you and your team for developing GRBackPro: a great backup program.

Plamen Tonkovski

GRBackPro is a GREAT piece of software, one of the best I have bought. I use it almost daily without mishap !
I have recommended GRBackPro to many of my friends that have bought it and use it as error free as I do. The software is EXACTLY what I was looking for and it would be an honor for me to be in your web site. It's so rare to have a really well-thought-out and bug free piece of software that does everything it's advertised to do (my business is advertising so I know all about advertised claims).
Good job GRSoftware, keep up the good work.

Ron Bohart

After bad experiences with several system backup utilities, I went shopping on the Internet. Out of the dozens of backup programs I looked at, GRBackPro seemed like the best choice. In fact, GRBackPro turned out to be even better than I had hoped it would be. Installation, setup and operation were easy and transparent. The control panels made a complex process seem easy and the inclusion of important classes of Windows files (like win.ini) as separate check boxes is particularly handy. It's one of the best utilities I've ever used and worth every penny I paid for it. Thanks for some great software!

I really mean it.

AJ Hill, MD, PhD

I use GRBackPro for my backups. I tried a lot of different backup software but it is the very best.

David K. Rich

I've finally started using GRSeo for some sites that I am working on. Rather than using my cloaking software to generate random pages, I am going to try recreating the sites specifically optimized for various engines. So far, I have found the program to be very helpful, catching accidental repeating words (not keywords), and other reminders of what to do. There's so much to try to remember when optimizing and this tool really helps save time from having to go back and read notes.
Good job.

Bill Gentry

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