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GRSoftware licences

We offer 3 types of licences: a Single User License, a Server License, and a Site License.

Single User license.

The single user license can be installed and used on multiple personal computers as long as you will be the only user.
The simultaneous use of this product by multiple personnel requires additional licences.

Server license.

If you install the software on a Windows Server edition you need a Server license (a Single User license it will not work on Windows Server).
This license will enable you to install the software on a Windows Server and will permit you to use up to five (5) connected workstations.
If you have, for example, 30 workstations connected then you need to buy 30 / 5 = 6 Server licences.
This approach is convenient for small/medium size companies up to 50 workstations.
Once you have more than 50 workstations the Site License will be more economical for you.

Site license.

A Site license allows an institution, company or school to install this product on any combination of multiple computers or on servers.
The Site license gives you the right to use the program inside a single Organization.
All licences will be issued in the name of the institution, company or school.
Outside the Organization, if a single user wants to use the program an additional single user license is required.

License policy

We would like to remind you that owning a license entitles you to free updates for the same major version.
So if you own a version 8 license then you are entitled to get all version 8.x updates.
When a new major version is released then you need to buy an upgrade in order to use the new version.