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Search Engine Optimization: What it is?

by Terry Plank


What is search engine optimization and marketing?


Search engine optimization is the application of strategies and tactics to position and optimize your Web site for findability to drive traffic to your site.

One tactic of search engine optimization, attempts to boost your chances of a top search engine ranking position. In order for the site to be found on search engines, Web site optimization strategies need to be used to make your site more search engine friendly and recognizable.

What search engine optimization strategies might be included in a basic optimization strategy to drive traffic to your site and also cause users to respond?

  • Choosing the most effective keywords for your Web site is the most important "first step" in any search engine optimization program.

  • Creating captivating titles and descriptions designed to capture the user's attention will cause them to respond on search engine results pages.

  • Crafting effective text pages optimized for keyword phrases will bring the search engines and cause users to pay attention to your services and products.

  • Researching your competition teaches you what's working in the industry and helps with choosing keywords.

  • Linking your pages together clearly helps the engines find your entire site and helps users navigate.

  • Understanding the differences between the criteria of various search engines and directories allows you to tailor your pages to speak to each search engine.

  • Instituting tactics of submissions, monitoring, pay per click and online advertising will create strong traffic.

One way to insure basic search engine optimization for all your pages is to use the Search Engine Optimization software : Search Engine Optimizer we offer.

Enter your keyword phrases in Search Engine Optimizer, click a button and in only seconds see exactly how to make your pages "search engine friendly" for search engine optimization.

  • Get specific instructions in layman's terms on changes to boost rankings.

  • Evaluate 62 elements used to rank or penalize you.

  • Launch a text editor within SEO, make your changes until you get it right!

  • Get unique answers based on their specific ranking criteria for maximum keyword and search engine optimization.

  • Get unique answers for 9 major search engines based on their specific ranking criteria.

  • Specific recommendations for two (2) major Directories.

  • Additional Tips to improve rankings, use the pay per click engines and the major Directories like Yahoo!

  • Receive a "Check file " each month and keep your pages up to date with the changes.

Happy Search Engine Optimization!