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GRBackPro - Professional Data Backup Software for Windows - Back Up your files! GRBackPro Quick Tutorial

In this tutorial we will explain the main steps you must do in order to quickly configure the program to backup your data.

Following are listed the simple steps you have to take.

1) Define a backup Session name

You must create a backup session in which to insert the backup Jobs. This can be done from the Jobs tab clicking on the New button. A backup Session is a sort of backup project that can contain one or more backup Jobs. A backup Job is a list of folders to be backed up.

2) Add your backup Jobs.

You can add as many backup Jobs as you need by clicking on the Add button in the Jobs tab. You will get the Add/Edit Job dialog. Be sure to check at least one source folder and to select the destination folder otherwise the program will display an error message. At any time if you have a particular question about an option in a tab, just press the F1 key on your keyboard to display the program help file. A new alternate way to setup your first backup is just click the Wizard button in the Job tab and follows the explanations you will get.

3) Define your backup and / or restore options.

After the list of your backup Jobs is completed you must define the backup options for all your Jobs. You must go to the Backup, Adv. Backup and Restore tabs to complete this operation. Remember that the backup and restore options are stored for each backup session and thus different sessions can have different backup and restore options.

4) Define your backup session scheduling.

By default your backup session will not be scheduled. If you want your backup to start automatically, start at a predefined time or every specified period you must go the Scheduler tab. Remember that the scheduler options are stored for each backup session and thus different backup sessions can have different options. In order to the scheduler to work the program must be running, preferably in the tray icon bar.

5) Define your global options.

You can define the global program options from the Options tab. These options are globally valid and do not depend on each backup session.
If you want your backup to run unattended disable the option Prompt if any error.

6) Define your report backup options.

The program stores all the activities it does into a Log file. You can define the Log file related options from the Report tab. The first few times you try the program it is better to have the Detailed or Debug mode enabled so that you can track all operations in any detail - this enables you to better report to us any problem you may find.

7) Start the backup operation.

At this point you have configured your backup and restore so that you are ready to click the Backup button to build your first backup.

8) How to Restore.

As GRBackPro re-creates the exact source folder tree, you can manually restore single files with ease. Simply browse the backup destination disk till you will find the file you are interested in: the full path name is almost the same. If you, instead, want to restore the whole backup you can go to the Restore tab. From here you have to define the Method and What to restore. Then just define the source folder for your restore (i.e. what was the backup destination folder) and then define the destination folder. Now just click on the Restore button.

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