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GRBackPro Windows Backup Software Features list:

Windows 10 backup software Supports network shares, SAN/NAS, CD-RW, DVD-RW (packet write software driver is required), USB Flash drives, fixed and removable drives and any drive that can be seen as a drive letter under Windows Explorer. Tape devices are not supported unless they are visible as a drive letter by Windows.
Windows 10 Backup software features Supports network UNC names.
Windows Backup Software versions Can run as a Windows Service process and can logon to any specified account.
Windows 10 backup software features Can span across multiple removable media.
Windows backup software features Supports Unicode file names
Windows 10 back up software for whole disk drives Supports Windows Volume Shadow Copy (x86).
Windows 10 backup entire disk drives Zip64 zip archive format supported.
Windows 10 backup modes Supports Full, Incremental and Differential backup modes.
Windows 10 back up folders Can include or exclude files or exclude or skip folders.
Windows 10 Restore incude files optionCan include all files, older or younger than a specified number of days.
Windows 10 back up whole disk drivesSupports long path names up to 1024 characters.
Windows 10 backup software with integrated restore featureRestore facility is included.
Windows Software Restore single filesRestore explorer to easily restore even single files.
Windows 10 Restore and verify featuresBackup Verify facility.
Windows 10 Execute task backup software optionExecute Task function, before and or after the backup. Supported Tasks are:
       Execute or Close an application, Start or stop a service, Pause, Email a message, Display a message box, End a process.
Windows 10 backup software zip compression professional schedulerPowerful Scheduler with conditional backup execution is included.
Windows 10 Wake up from stand-by featureWake-Up facility for when the computer is in sleep and a Scheduler event needs to start a backup.
Windows 10 pkzip 2 standard compressionSupport PKZIP 2.0 standard password protection scheme.
Windows 10 pkzip 2 standard compressionSupport WINZIP AES256 encryption.
Windows 10 backup software zip compression professional schedulerBackup Wizard for inexperienced user is included.
Windows 10 Registry backupRegistry backup history
Windows 10 Split featureBackup Split mode
Windows History data back up softwareBackup History mode
Windows 10 backup NTFS file attrbiutesBackup security attributes on NTFS file systems
Windows 10 Simulate backup softwareBackup and Restore Simulation to precisely estimate the backup size and test for errors.
Windows professional backup file copy and zip compress for windowsAllows you to copy files or compress them into a single archive or one archive per folder.
Windows 10 data back up softwareRecreate exactly your source directory structure so that you can easily navigate into the backup archives.
windows backup software synchronize workstationSynchronize your backup archives with your source files / folders.
Windows flexible backup software user interfaceEasy to learn and flexible user interface.
Windows 10 backup software run in the backgroundRuns in the background and is actionable from the tray icon bar.
Windows 10 detailed backup software  log fileAll backup activities are written to a detailed log file.
Windows 10 detailed log fileAutomatic software updater is included so that you are always up to date.
Windows data backup software Simulate backupIntegrated email client to easily request support by email (supports SSL/TLS).
Windows 10 Integrated scheduler and report for a powerful backup software functionalityA report dialog allows you to view, print and extract the activities.
Windows 10 passwordLanguage translations will be available for both x86 and x64 versions..
Windows 10 access control passwordProgram access password control.

GRBackPro Version 9.x new features

windows backup softwareWindows Server 2016 / 2019 compatible.
windows data backup softwareTwo versions: x86 and x64 now available.
windows backup softwareWindows Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) support both for x86 and x64 systems.
Award winning Windows backup softwareNew customizable colors with effects.
Award winning Windows Data backup softwareNew user interface buttons.
Awards for professional Windows backup softwareZip AES 256 ciphered compression compatible with WinZip.
windows backup software enhanced schedulerNew Add/Edit Job dialog. Many per session options have been moved at Job level.
Windows back up software online supportNew user interface check boxes.
windows Backup software search facilityRearranged some tab options to improve logic.
windows Backup software service optionsNew Report tab. The log files are now separated to make them smaller and quickly handled.
windows Backup software service log optionsNew Report tab. The number of log files to keep can be programmed.
windows backup software execute tasks optionAdded to the backup Job the possibility to skip folder names.
windows backup software skip folders optionZip compression level has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software zip compression optionOption to move or copy has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software move files optionClear Archive attribute option has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software archive attribute based optionInclude system and hidden files option has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software include system and hidden files optionInclude file older or younger than N days options has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software include files younger than optionInclude wild chars specific files option has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software include files optionSkip specified wild chars defined files option has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software skip files optionSkip specified wild chars defined folders option has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software skip folders optionBackup security attributes option has been moved to the backup Job.
windows backup software back up security attributes optionUpdated registry backup option.
windows backup software registry back up optionAdded Run pause Task to allow networked computer to restart at a specified time.
windows backup software run and pause optionsThe "At backup completion do" option has been moved to the Scheduler tab that is now accessible during the backup.
windows backup software Execute tasks optionMany internal optimizations and bug fixes.
windows backup software new optionsMinimum Windows version supported is XP SP3 (for 32 bit versions only).
windows backup softwareDetection of the program that locks files with reporting on the backup log Report.
windows backup software locked files detection optionNew Report right click popup menu to capture log text and file/folder names to automatically skip.